Practice-led research, sculpture,

installation, publication


There is perhaps no material that is more ubiquitous in mainstream society than that of plastic. Given the growing environmental recognition that “something that lasts forever should never be labelled as disposable” (Cormack 2016), our tendency to flippantly discard of plastics—and to consider packaging as single-use in the first place—is problematic.


Plastic. disrupts this notion of plastic as being transient objects of convenience by demonstrating instead that plastic is, first and foremost, a material that is both permanent and resistant to change. Using plastic waste collected from public collection bins, Plastic. is a practice-led investigation that exposes the qualities and materialities of plastic in an effort to communicate that it is a material with consequences. A visual representation of how plastic behaves and manifests in landfill, Plastic. cautions against the persistence of plastics after they are disposed. It ultimately seeks to make us question why plastics are so abundant and accepted in our everyday lives.