Commemorating the Books of Newtown



Death is inevitable, even for books.


It may not come as quickly to books as it does to us humans, but at some point in their lifetime, books get worn, damaged, outdated and rendered irrelevant. Destined to be repulped or buried in landfill, these discarded books once belonged to someone, but now have no value or worth. The traces of use left by past owners and readers in the pages of these forgotten books provide a celebratory snapshot of the many and (mostly) long lives that these books have lived, but are by no means the full story. Hand bound in hard cover, Commemorating the Books of Newtown somberly and formally farewells books that have been thrown away by the secondhand bookstores of Newtown, Sydney. Commemorating the Books of Newtown is a bittersweet reminder of both the fickleness of human interest and also that books are, ultimately, transient objects. And there is a possibility that, one day, this publication may too end up being thrown away.